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You have reached the Aspen Institute’s reporting hotline. This hotline is operated by Red Flag Reporting, an independent service that helps us with intake and ensuring that reports are given attention by the appropriate Aspen Institute staff.

The Aspen Institute is committed to protecting our people, assets, and reputation, which in turn helps fulfill our mission. We have this hotline so employees and other members of our community can raise concerns covered by our Community Agreement, as well as concerns about unlawful, fraudulent, unethical, and/or unsafe behavior.

It should not be used for emergencies. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. If you just have general feedback for us, you may submit a comment using this platform, too.

Through our hotline, you have the option of making anonymous reports. However, we encourage reporters to identify themselves and give as many details as possible, since anonymous reports may greatly limit our ability to fully investigate and address certain allegations. Either way, we have a policy of nonretaliation against those who submit concerns in good faith.


*** Note for employees: Refer to the Employee Handbook for more information. Regular performance issues still generally are managed by Human Resources working with employees and their supervisors. ***