City and County of Broomfield Employee Fraud Hotline Service

This web page and telephone hotline are intended only for City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) employees.
Please call (303) 469-3301 with your concern if you are not a CCOB Employee.
This web page is hosted on Red Flag Reporting’s secure servers and is not a part of the CCOB website or intranet.


City and County of Broomfield Employee Fraud Hotline Service

To all City and County of Broomfield employees,

The City and County of Broomfield (“CCOB”) prides itself on having a productive and proactive work force.  A key strategy for achieving that objective is the assurance that our workplace is also safe, secure and ethical.   Each of us, regardless of position, shares a responsibility to promote and protect our positive work culture.

One way we can do that is by feeling empowered to report any behavior you believe constitutes fraud.  Ideally, you should report your concerns to your direct manager, or other members of management.  I recognize, however, that there may be occasions when you are not comfortable reporting issues in this manner.  For those situations, the CCOB has contracted with Red Flag Reporting to create the CCOB Employee Fraud Hotline. The hotline is intended for internal employee use only, and you have the option to report your concerns anonymously, if you wish.  You may report concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Instructions on how to report a concern are reflected below.

I sincerely want you to report issues that concern you.  You know what is going on in our organization.  You may have knowledge of an activity that concerns you, but you’re not sure it should be reported.  Sharing your concerns early can minimize the potential negative impact on the organization and our people.  Please be as thorough and candid as possible and provide enough information for a follow-up review because sufficient information is necessary to adequately research an allegation.  A confidential dialogue (facilitated by Red Flag Reporting to ensure anonymity) is an option.

The CCOB Employee Fraud Hotline should be used for the following matters:

TheftProcurement policy violations
Accounting or internal control issuesFalse claims for payment or approval
Bribes, kickbacksFalse contracts, reports or other records
EmbezzlementInappropriate use of CCOB credit cards
Misuse of CCOB resources (e.g. services, phones, equipment, vehicles, etc.)

There are certain issues that should continue to be reported through your Supervisor/Manager or to the Human Resources Department.  The CCOB Employee Fraud Hotline should not be used for the following matters:

Offensive or inappropriate behaviorWorkplace conflict
Substance abuse violationsWorkplace harassment
Sexual harassmentWorkplace violence
Conflicts of InterestAbuse of work hours and false timecards
Immediate threats to life or property should be directed to 911

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Hoffman, City and County Manager

This service is designed to empower you by offering a place where you may report, anonymously if you choose, your comments, suggestions or concerns to upper management.

  • Report a concern here. IMPORTANT: Use client code “Broomfield”

  • Check report status here.

  • Client login here.

Anonymity: This site is neither designed nor monitored in any way to compromise your anonymity if you choose not to identify yourself. You should know that your organization takes these reports seriously, and it can be a handicap to those following up on your report if they are not able to ask you questions. If you choose to reveal your identity, you should also know that very strict guidelines are in place to protect your privacy. Only those people specifically identified by senior management are allowed to review these reports when confidential matters are concerned. Please note: Management of City and County of Broomfield assert that your report will never be sent to a Senior Official if he or she is named in the report.  You should feel confident that your comments are important and your anonymity will be preserved.